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All project materials downloaded on this page remains the intellectual work of either Shegnet Konsult or affiliates. Any material you download here therefore remains the copyright of the owner whose name and affiliation you can request for from Shegnet Konsult for proper citation. All references cited within the work should be reported as stated in the project materials unless you are not copying what was written therein word for word, therefore any alteration to the citations might result in plagiarism by you.

What is more? In your own interest, you may not copy directly more than 20% of the project works you download on this page as this might make you a plagiarist, Shegnet Konsult therefore encourage you to use our project materials as a guideline or framework rather than making use of it word for word as your own project work.

However, if you want us to help you research your own project from chapter one to the end, you can tell us this in our contact us section,or through our phone number or email addresses that can be found on the foot part of most webpages on this websites, however, this is more expensive (price depends on your course of study, level of education e.g. undergrauates, ND, NCE etc, and type of research etc.) compared with project materials you can download outrightly on this websites.

All payments made to Shegnet Konsult are non refundable. However, as per problems we have had with our clients in times past, any incomplete download can be rolled back and you will be allowed to re-download any project material which you were unable to complete the download before your access key was locked or atleast at the worst we can send the material to your email address once you supply us with the project title.

There may be need to complain about project downloaded on this website, However, refund will only be made if management of Shegnet Konsult discover that project you downloaded have serious technical issue.

As refferal, you can purchase bulk access code for just through our secure paystack platform and sell to people that want to download at any covenient price shegnetkonsult@gmail.com

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